Redgum are a 20 year old software development company based in Melbourne.

This site is for you if

  • You have an existing application that needs help.
  • You have an existing business and can see a new opportunity in your market, you just need a technical team to help out.
  • You are considering Investing in your business to improve operations, sales.
  • You are looking for a software development company that removes the common risks faced when developing solutions.
  • You are looking for a partner that not only understand technology but also how it can best be applied to your business situation.

We would love to talk to you about your situation, call ... or contact us

Our Services

Product, SaaS or App conceptualization

Redgum provide consulting services for businesses to enable them to best adapt to technology in order to target their specific market and delivery challenges.

  • Business Model Design
  • High level planning.

If you have an idea or can see a solution that will meet your markets needs but need the technical backup to make it happen ... contact us.

Software Construction.

Redgum provide fixed scope, fixed price design and development in short, agile stages with a 3 month warranty. Providing our clients the control and decision making power they need to ensure they get the best from their investment.

  • Software Design and Blueprinting. Redgum provide detailed software design on an asset by asset basis that both Business AND Developers can understand and agree to deliverables PRIOR to committing to development.
  • Software Development. Sprint based model which enables our customers to control and adjust their investment focus providing the shortest path to a Return on their Investment.

If you have a new project and would like to understand how you can develop it without the usual risks, contact us.

Legacy System Management

Redgum provide a range of services to enable client to regain control of their existing legacy systems.

  • Retrospective blueprint. This provides the critical documentation required for both technical support and for business decisions to be made.
  • Technical assessment. This provides a clear picture of the technical make up of the legacy system. The resulting report indicates if the existing system is indeed an asset or a liablity, with a clear understanding and set of recommendations about how best to move forward.

If you have a home grown software solution, have lost the ability to move it forward, talk to us about how you can regain control and manage the transition.

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Why Redgum

Managed Risks

Fixed price, controlled design and development with a 3 month not to specification warranty.


A close knit, experienced team that have been developing together for 20 years. Developed a wide range of internal management applications, software products and software centric businesses.

Business Developers

Redgum's staff are not just software developers locked in a back room, they understand how and why business works and translate between

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